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  Special projects.
The aim of special projects is generally the development of the community at large.

Examples of these are construction of primary schools or organizing farmers into cooperatives producing better crops. Because usually a large amount of money is involved close supervision of our local Outreach Europe representatives is given.


  Oloibor Soit Primary School.
At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, in the South of Kenya, at the border with Tanzania, lives a community of the Maasai tribe. For generations they moved around with their herds of cows and goats. Now on the one side there is the Tanzanian border which they are not supposed to cross, on the other side there is Tsavo West National Park, which is strictly forbidden to them and their herds. They might interfere with the game and the pleasures of the white tourists.

The elders of the Maasai community understand very well that their children cannot continue like their grandfathers and fathers used to live. There is no escape, their way of life must change. Their children need education, the community needs a school. The community leaders sat down in a meeting and decided to raise funds to start a primary school.

In 1994 they had constructed a wooden shed, divided in two small rooms, providing room for 2 classes of pre-primary school, and the first two classes of primary school - dark, mud floor, packed. In 1995 groups of children were taught under the tree, if there was no rain, or elephants around. Local Outreach Europe representatives visited, saw the need, and discussed with community leaders.

Plans were made. Budgets were prepared, and approved. A plot of community land was set aside. Funds were raised, and in 1996 the first three classrooms of a new school, made of stone bricks, with cement floors, and windows, were constructed. In 1998 the next two classrooms, an administrative block, and the latrines were constructed. Early 2001 the last three classrooms were completed and the school was officially handed over to the community.

The government appoints and pays for the teachers. The parents provide the desks, the books, and other materials. Outreach Europe provided for the funds for the construction materials and the labour where we needed trained workers to construct.

With a total investment of EUR 35000.- a full school with 8 classrooms was constructed, providing primary education to some 500 Maasai children.

For photos please click here.

In September 2005 we started building a new primary school. Please click for more information on the Mabirikani Primary School.