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  Watersupply in Mombassa  
    Filicia Issa is a woman of 37. She and her husband have two daughters aged 5 and 8 years. They also have responsibility for her sisters child. They live some 10 km west from Mombasa, not far from the main road to Nairobi.

Filicia is physically handicapped. She has a hunchback. For that reason she is unable to do the hard work on the land. Her husband lost his job in December 1996, when the company closed down, and has been unemployed since. The family has no reliable source of income.In their area (Kwa Jomvu), like in most sections of Mombasa district, there are problems with the water supply.

Filicia sent a request and budgets to Outreach Europe to install a private pipe from the main water supply some km's from their house, to construct a reservoir that can hold 5000 litres of water, to install a meter, and to sell water to the families in the neighbouring communities.


Collecting water in Mombassa.


Outreach Europe gave a loan of 550.- to start the project. After three months Filicia made sufficient profit to send the three children back to school. The children (and the parents) now look well fed and healthy. The family expanded their small business with an additional container to have sufficient supply during periods of drought. The loan was fully redeemed in March 2001.

From poor people Filicia and her husband have become small entrepreneurs.


Please click for more information about a self reliance project on: Osiepe Womensgroup.