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Osiepe womensgroup


Osiepe is a community in the Siaya District, in the southwest of Keny. The womensgroup has 12 members (of which 2 are men), most of them have no jobs. The group was formed in 1997. The goal of the group is to raise the standard of living of the families of the community members.

Decisions within the group are made with general approval or by majority decision. The chairman, secretary and treasurer are chosen each year. All financial transactions have to be discussed and approved of and be laid down in writing by the secretary and the treasurer.

 The group grow fruit and vegetables which are sold at the local markets. The profits are used for needs within the community: school fees for orphans, financial support for older widows, food for the ill, aid in times of dying and funerals etc.

 Pieces of land are rented, preferably not too for from a source of water for irrigation. The land is made suitable for planting bananas, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages etc. The women give their time according to a schedule to work on this joint land.

Outreach Europe supported the group with an amount of 800,-. They send us regular reports about the progress of the project. At least twice a year a representative of Outreach Europe visits them to see if the reported developments have indeed been realised.


Osiepe womensgroup.